Friday, September 26, 2008

A silly poem

There once was a land
with laws as the sand,
that you can, some,
and some that you can't.

You can't and you can
You can and you can't,
Heigh ho,
You cannot; yes, you can.

What? Innocent, you say?
Let me sift through the sands
Yes, you are-- wait,
No, I see you are not.

You aren't and you are,
You are and you aren't,
Heigh ho,
You are not; yes, you are.

Why do you so pause
In this land of so much
Go and do... (gasp)
How dare you? (gasp) To think!

So much to do; wait!
Do it now, how dare you?
Heigh ho,
Don't you dare; (gasp) do it now.