Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dear Deeyah - brilliant, brave, and beautiful - new video

Deeyah releases new music video

Despite death threats, Deeyah is doing it. She's releasing her new single "What Will It Be?" You can see the video here.

Her video brought me to tears. First video to do that ever. I think I was particularly affected when I saw my hero, Irshad Manji, taped at the mouth. Yes, Manji appears twice in the video. She rips the tape off near the end.

Deeyah also takes a cue from Theo van Gogh's movie Submission in displaying victims of honor killing on her own nude back.

The rapper Young MayLay is a force.

Deeyah has a MySpace profile here.


Alphabet City has some of the lyrics.

Interview (audio) of Deeyah found at DeeyahPoint

Deeyah discusses verbal abuse in another interview (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) with Sonia Deol of BBC (available at DeeyahPoint). It's one thing to write about liberty in the abstract. Verbal abuse is where slavery begins amongst real-life people. It's where it creeps in, plants its roots. I recommend Patricia Evans' work on this subject, particularly her book Controlling People.

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